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Lockers and cabins in compact phenolic Bloma by Covema

Phenolic compact furniture solutions are commonly used in spaces that require high durability and reliability over time, as well as easy cleaning, necessary due to the high use to which they will be subjected.
In this way, we were challenged to develop lockers and cabins that could meet the specific needs of the client in question.
The objective of the work would be to renovate a sports locker room, from the remodeling of the entire infrastructure, to the furniture – the production and assembly of which was the responsibility of Covema.

Lockers with benches were developed, in a combination of blue, for the seats and upper storage compartment, and white on the sides of the lockers, for a final result that is visually elegant and appealing and, above all, guarantees the best possible usability for its users. . The inclusion of hangers on the sides of the dividers adds functionality to them, ensuring more vertical storage space.

Phenolic cabins were also developed to be installed in a space adjacent to the dressing area of ​​the changing room. The color used – white – conveys a feeling of greater spaciousness to the space.

The end result is a changing room with a clean appearance and where the optimized usability of all components is the main objective.
For this project, Covema was responsible for developing the phenolic compact and the respective assembly of lockers with benches, upper storage compartments and cabins.


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