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COVEMA Products


Find a selection of wood derivatives suitable for the most diverse construction and carpentry applications.

We rely on several wood derivative solutions, from chipboard, mdf’s, plywood, compact laminate, decorative panels, viroc, valchromat, amongst others.
We have the most appropriate solutions for each type of project. Contact us and find out more.


Discover a wide range of chipboard from the best brands.


Covema has a wide range of MDF boards for your needs.


We provide plywood for the most diverse applications.

Compact Laminate

Interior and exterior compact laminate boards. Varied range of colours and patterns.

Decorative Panels

Suitable for kitchens, wardrobes and furniture in general.


VIROC is a composite panel made of wood and cement particles.


Panel made of coloured wood fibres. The fibres are individually coloured, ...

Edge Bands

Synthetic edge bands are used in the furniture industry, as a fundamental element for ...


Boards made of laminated wood, of relatively small dimensions. Individual sheets are joined ...



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