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Phenolic Compact – A world of possibilities

Due to its renowned versatility and adaptability, Compact Phenolic is a material used in the most diverse furniture projects – lockers, cabins, cubicles, desks, hotel furniture, among others.
As it is a material that offers functionality and exceptional performance over time, it can also be used in the development of other types of furniture pieces.

We have the ability to develop benches entirely in phenolic compact, from the upper planks to the entire structure of the bench. This constitution, different from the traditional metallic structure, ensures that the final product does not oxidize over time, whilst simultaneously guaranteeing much faster response times. This reduction in production time will make the final product available at a much more competitive price – find out more.

In addition to these advantages, pieces completely developed in phenolic compact bring a sense of harmony and uniformity to the entire surrounding environment, whether in an office, hotel or private kitchen, or even in a business or sports locker room.

Another distinct application for our phenolic compact could be, for example, the development of mailboxes. In this case, the product was designed and developed completely in accordance with the client’s requirements, who wanted a modern and functional solution, which would fit into the aesthetics of the building.
The functional issue was easily achieved by our team, through several precise cuts and machining, which allowed not only the installation of an invisible opening system, but also a lock that fits perfectly into the slot designed for this purpose,
ensuring the safety of whatever is placed inside the box. The framing of the residential building in question was achieved using red phenolic compact, which matches perfectly with the exterior of the building, where the final product was installed.

Whether you are developing more common projects or something “out of the box”, you can count on our Phenolic Compact to offer premium quality solutions at competitive prices.

Covema – Cutting-edge Technology at the Best Price!

Would you like to know more about these and other applications of our phenolic compact? Contact us by clicking this link.


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