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COVEMA Products


Covema has a wide range of MDF boards for your needs.

Normal Raw MDF

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard is used for ...

Raw Water Repellent MDF

Raw Water Repellent MDF is used in wet environment, ...

Laminated MDF

Laminated MDF is a board of MDF with a decorative melamine surface.

Veneered MDF

Medium Density Fibreboard coated with a wood veneer.

Raw Fibralac MDF

It's a board with a smooth and soft surface, with a good ....

MDF Raw Fireproof

MDF Raw Fireproof is a homogenous board, with high density and a low...

Thin Veneered MDF

Medium Density Fibre Board coated with natural wood sheet. 

Thin Laminated MDF

Thin Laminated MDF is coated in a melamine paper used primarly,...



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